Spring clean your drinks cabinet!

March is the ideal time of year to clear out your cupboards, organise your kitchenware and tidy up your glass and crystal collections ready for summer entertaining. There’s nothing more frustrating than going to set the table and finding an incomplete set of mismatching glasses. At Dartington Crystal, we have a range of beautiful pieces to suit all tastes to help you complete your set. Here are three of our favourite collections…

Wine Master

William Shakespeare once wrote “…good wine, good company, good welcome, can make good people.” Our Wine Master collection is hand crafted in Britain and is a favourite choice for discerning wine drinkers. Each glass is specially designed to give you the ultimate tasting experience, so you don’t have to take an expensive trip to a classy restaurant every time you feel like a bit of luxury! There is a reason both red and white wine glasses exist. Reds need a larger bowl so their aromas have room to surface to tantalise the senses. In the Wine Master collection, there are four designs specifically to hold red; (from left) Merlot, Burgundy, Bordeaux and Grand Cru.


Designed by Hilary Green, our new Celebrate collection lets you entertain in style! The gorgeous flared design of this range makes each of the glasses stand beautifully together as a group. Whether you’re celebrating a graduation, birthday, wedding or anniversary, this collection will see you through every occasion! Some of the pieces in this collection include; (from left) White Wine glass, Flute, Water glass and Wine Carafe.


Each of our Dartington Origin glasses are perfect for adding a personalised message with our engraved monogram service. This collection offers a selection of handsome pieces, hand-made in Britain, which will make each sip a real pleasure. Whatever your drink of choice, you’ll find the perfect piece to enjoy it from. Some of our favourites are the Coupe, Beer, Tall Spirit and Brandy glasses.

Since 1967 we have been creating unique glass designs to be admired and most importantly, enjoyed. 50 years on, Dartington is the only crystal factory remaining in the UK. Bring bespoke British craftsmanship into your home with our exquisite drinks sets.

We’d love to know which collection is your favourite. Please remember to tag us in your photos on Instagram! @DartingtonUK