Spotlight: Jugs

This is the perfect time of year to start prepping your home for Spring so you can be ready to host dinner parties as soon as the weather starts to warm up! It’s hard to be the ultimate host without providing a selection of delicious drinks for your guests. It’s essential to have a gorgeous jug to serve an array of beverages, whether you like to make experimental flavours of infused water, exotic fruit punches, sweet homemade lemonade or perhaps a good ol’ jug of pimms…

Our Jugs Cooler Punch Jug - £85 - is perfect for hosting the ultimate dinner party. It’s handmade in Britain, can hold 200cl of liquid and it comes gift boxed if you decide someone you love would appreciate this in their home. The larger capacity of this crystal glass jug makes it ideal for sharing punches and fruit cocktails. If you want to make a real statement, you can even get this piece hand engraved with floral decoration.

This generously sized Pillar Jug holds 2 litres, making it the perfect addition to your home if you’re trying to drink more water to improve your health. This handmade jug is only £35 and features a pinched ‘ice lip’ to make it even more perfect for serving ice cold drinks!

A lovely tall handmade Pillar Jug that can be perfect for serving beverages or displaying a beautiful bunch of flowers! This jug holds up to 1 litre, so can make the perfect piece to hold water over an evening meal without taking up too much space. This practical jug is great value for money at only £30.