Prepare to 'Rum' into Summer

With the summer months approaching fast and a nation who love to entertain friends and family, we thought we would share how we are looking to rum to be this season’s drink of choice. Strongly associated with the Royal Navy and Piracy, rum has been combined with other beverages for centuries to create concoctions such as grog and bumbo. More recently however, both dark and light rums are being consumed in a number of delicious ways.

Now is the time to introduce an exciting partnership for every rum lover. Dartington Crystal has teamed up with ‘The Rum Club’ to produce a speciality tumbler, solely created for enjoying rum, known as 'The Rumbler'. This handmade crystal tumbler with a wide rim allows you to enjoy the rich, deep rum aromas before tasting.

How it is made:

  • Molten glass is gathered onto the end of a blowing pipe
  • A bubble is then blown into the gob of the glass and it is rolled to prepare it for the mould.
  • The glass is carefully lowered into a graphite mould. All our moulds are made on site.
  • The blower will then shape the glass in the mould which is wetted to create a jacket of steam around the hot glass that produces a silky smooth finish.
  • It is then left to cool on a temperature controlled conveyor belt before the edges can melted to produce a rounded, smooth finish.
  • The generous glass size has plenty of room for a large measure of spirit and ice to enjoy your favourite rums on the rocks. There is also room to add a mixer of your choosing if you prefer.

Each purchase of ‘The Rumbler’ glass includes a FREE membership offer to The Rum Club

What is the Rum Club?

Created by Vince Noyce and Giles Collighan after they formed an enduring friendship in the Navy, The Rum Club was formed to help them share their passion for this versatile spirit and reinforce the fact that premier rum can, and does, rival malt whisky. As a member you will be able to access the members section of their website and purchase a selection of hand-picked premium rums. You will also be offered access to their bi-monthly prestige rum offerings as chosen by The Rum Club.

Enjoy a classic rum cocktail in ‘The Rumbler’ this summer. Here is how to create the perfect Mojito, a refreshing summer cocktail combining rum, mint, lime, sugar and soda.

You can add lots of fruits and other ingredients to create more exotic varieties.

For the perfect Mojito you will also need a muddler, which is basically a bar tenders pestle, used to smash up cocktail ingredients. But that’s a small and essential investment for any budding mixologist.

Recipe & Technique

10 Mint Leaves
50ml White Rum
4/5 Lime wedges
12.5ml Gomme syrup
Top up with Soda

  1. Add lime wedges to the glass and muddle until juice has been extracted.

  2. Add the mint leaves and light muddle again to just bruise the mint.

  3. Add the rum and Gomme syrup and fill the glass half full with crushed ice.

  4. Churn with a bar spoon until fully mixed.

  5. Fill the glass with crushed ice and churn again.

  6. Top up as necessary with soda and garnish with a sprig of mint.