We will always try to accommodate changes but can only oblige if the goods have not already been picked and packed. If you do need to notify us of any changes, please do so ASAP to avoid any disappointment or extra charges. Engraved orders that have already been sent to our engraving team cannot be cancelled or amended.

Firsts - Here at Dartington Crystal we make a large variety of hand-crafted crystal products. Due to the nature of the manufacturing process, no two pieces are going to be exactly the same. Each product has a specific set of quality control standards which it must meet to be sold as a First Quality piece. Please be aware that your item may still have up to 3 small air bubbles, these naturally occur during the cooling process of crystal. Each glass maker in our factory has his or her own ways of creating pieces, giving it its own unique character.

Seconds - Crafting by hand is never perfect, and a proportion of our products are classified as 'seconds' quality, sometimes also known as 'slightly imperfect'. Every product we make has a specific set of quality control standards which must be met for it to be sold as a First Quality piece. A second does not quite meet these high standards due to it having more than 3 air bubbles, a making flaw or slight shape or thickness irregularity. All of our seconds are perfectly functional and will not have any cracks, chips or dangerous edges. For our slightly imperfect decanters, please note a different stopper may be provided to that of our first quality items.

We offer seconds at different times (usually in seasonal Sales) on our on-line Outlet Store. We sell most of our seconds at our Factory shop here in Devon, please call the factory shop on 01805 626244 for more information.

If the chip is on the rim of a glass or on the top edge of a bowl or vase then it is possible to polish it out. Contact us for an estimate of cost, to arrange the return and “repair” of any chipped item. Please email

Yes – we make and match all our crystal stoppers to give a good fit in each decanter. We would need you to return the decanter to us to do this. Please contact, to enquire before sending the decanter back to us.

Dartington have a UK wide network of retail stockists. Please call 01805 626262 or email for the best recommendation to meet your needs. To view a list of our own Dartington Crystal outlet stores please click here.

Even if you can’t find your replacement in our current collection we may have some residual stock and we do re-manufacture some designs from time to time. Please enquire and if we can help we will.

Your personal and order details are stored securely. From time to time we would like to be able to pass your information to carefully selected third parties that offer products or services that we have identified as likely to be of interest to you. By entering into an agreement with us when you placed an order, subscribed to our newsletter, entered a competition, prize draw or used a voucher code supplied by us or on our behalf, or joined our membership, you have consented to this use of your data. You may ask us at any point not to share your information with third parties for this purpose, by contacting

Adding a personal message or inscription is a lovely way to create that special gift or presentation piece. Just follow the instructions provided on the website – if you have any difficulty or special requests then contact us at or call us on 01805 62 62 21.

Text engraving is 30 pence per character. If you require more information, please call us on 01805 62 62 21.

As each image is unique, we quote on an individual basis. Therefore if you click onto the item you are interested in, please fill out the quote form and we will be able to get back to you with a response in 1 – 3 days. If your enquiry is more urgent, please call us on 01805 62 62 21.

Yes. If you would prefer to place an order over the phone, please call us on 01805 626221.

We welcome enquiries if you wish to stock and retail Dartington or any of our associated brands. Please call 01805 626225 or email

The clock face itself will pull out of the glass but you may need to use something like a butter knife to help prise it out. Once you have the face out there should be a rubber band round the edge, this can be removed to reveal a small dial (as you would find on a watch). There will be a small white tab underneath this, preventing it from running while in store, which you can remove and dispose of. Once you have set the time and pushed the dial back in the clock should then begin to work.

This may be possible if you can still see your clock listed for sale on our website here. If you can, please contact our Glass Shop on 01805 626244. If not, our advice would be to take the face to a jewellers who will hopefully be able to repair your clock for you.

On the back of the clock face there is a cover that can be removed to reveal the battery and mechanisms. The old battery can be removed and a new one put in. Alternatively it can be taken to a jewellers and they will be able to replace the battery for you.