Dec 06 ,2018

Dimple - as seen on ITV4's Made in Britain

In case you missed it, on Tuesday 4th December, we were featured as part of ITV's 'Made in Britain'. The series gave us a fantastic opportunity to provide a behind the scenes look into our North Devon Factory. We were able to showcase the skills and heritage of our long-standing business and the expertise of our truly talented team. As the only large working handmade crystal factory remaining in the UK, we are famed for our hand-crafted crystal products that are made to be used and enjoyed. We truly appreciate the heritage and importance of being a Made in Britain company and the prominence of this is recognised through our official membership of the Made in Britain organisation.


Dartington Glass (as it was known in the early days) was originally a Social Enterprise founded as part of the Dartington Hall Trust to assist with the economic regeneration of rural areas. Today, our factory produces around 1,400 pieces of Dartington Crystal each day (which is about 350,000 pieces a year!), each one handmade by our highly skilled team of glassmakers.

If our feature on Made of Britain sparked your interest, we would love for you to come and learn some more. Our Factory Tour is open Monday - Friday where you can watch our glassmakers, both at ground level and from overhead walkways. Having already learnt about the Dartington heritage in our Visitor Centre you will pass through the factory and into our glass and homeware shop. Here you can shop Dartington Crystal first and second quality items at a fantastic price, before relaxing in our Pavilion Cafe.

During the ITV4 show, we were extremely proud to feature one of our most popular and longstanding ranges, the distinctive Dimple Collection. The Dimple collection was first described as “The simple dimple. Nothing stands out on this suite. But there’s a little dimple in each piece, and that’s quite a talking point.” Designed by Frank Thrower in 1967, the Dimple range has changed over the years with a variety of different products from jugs to ice buckets, fruit bowls to candleholders. The one product that has stood the test of time, however, is the Dimple Tumbler. To this day, these are still a highly sought-after piece of Dartington Crystal. In 2017, Dimple Gold was produced to mark 50 years of Dartington Crystal, a true testament to the longevity of this collection.

The Dimple Collection is full of luxurious and versatile pieces, perfect as a Christmas gift to a loved one or as just a treat to yourself. Know a whisky connoisseur that enjoys a nightcap or evening tipple? Or perhaps you enjoy one yourself? The Dimple Old Fashioned and Dimple Double are perfect for releasing the malt flavours of whisky as well as other spirits. Complete the set with the Dimple Decanter to truly complement your drinkware, or extend your collection with some Dimple shot glasses.

Shop Dimple Old Fashioned Tumblers or Dimple Decanter.

If long drinks and cocktails are your style, then the Dimple Highball Glass is an attractive party piece for the festive season. Sip your beverage in style.

Shop Dimple Highball Glasses.

However, if you’re more into ales and craft beer then our Dimple Crystal Tankard is just right for pouring a tasty pint!

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