Sep 27 ,2018

5 beer glasses for Oktoberfest

Beer lovers, you don’t have to travel to Bavaria to celebrate the world’s largest celebration of beer! Pair your favourite beer with a proper Dartington pint glass or tankard and bring Oktoberfest to you. We have selected five beer glasses we think you will love.

What is Oktoberfest?

Did you know that Oktoberfest dates back over 200 years? It began as a wedding celebration in 1810 when Bavaria’s Crown Prince Ludwig married Princess Therese of Saxony-Hildburghausen – any excuse for a party! While the main event takes place in Munich, Germany, where the original six local breweries still provide the beer, celebrations can be found all over the world. Expect Bavarian music, steins of beer and traditional lederhosen.

Perfect Beer Pair

1. Perfect Beer Glass Pair

Drinking beer is much more fun when you have a partner in crime to enjoy it with! The Perfect Beer Glass has been shaped for flavour and designed to enhance the drinking experience. It features a slightly flared rim, curving bowls and a slender foot, offering a little more character to your glass cupboard.

2. Brew Craft Stout and Strong Glass

Are you a dark beer or stout drinker? This goblet style glass is the perfect match for a strong, continental brew. The ribbed base makes it easy to handle and the wide bowl allows for a little swirling before taking that first sip. The Brew Craft Stout and Strong Glass has also been specially shaped to enhance the rich aromas for this style of beer so if you like to take a moment to appreciate the characteristics of your beer, then this is the glass for you.

Brew Craft Stout and Strong
Wine Bar Beer Pair

3. Wine & Bar Beer Pair

The Wine & Bar Beer Pair offers a different shape to your collection of beer glasses. The tall, stemmed glass has been designed to help maintain a good head – perfect for lagers and craft beers. Made of lead-free crystal, you can be confident in the products quality when adding it to your drinkware collection or treating someone else.

4. Dimple Tankard

Just the right size for the perfect pint, the Dimple Tankard is part of one of our most popular collections, Dimple. Taking its name from the attractive dimple in the base of the product, the high-quality, weighty crystal glass is handmade in our factory in Devon.

Dimple Tankard
Maltings 1 pint tankard

5. Maltings 1 Pint Tankard

The Maltings 1-Pint Tankard is easy to hold and crafted at just the right size to hold a pint of your preferred brew. A solid handle and sturdy base make this product a durable option, whether you are entertaining a group of friends or buying as a gift. Add a personal touch with our engraving service, which is great for birthdays, special celebrations or to simply say thank you.


Buying as a gift? There is nothing like personalising a gift to make it extra special. Simply add a special birthday message, a wedding wish and anniversary note or thank your ushers and best men for being a part of your big day. Whatever you want to say, personalisation is a memorable way to say it.

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