Wine Master Brandy Glass, Set of 2

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This large crystal brandy glass is ideal for the brandy connoisseur. Its design makes it perfect for swilling the brandy and gently warming it with your hands. That will release the bouquets of your brandy for a delicious post-meal drink.

The deep bowl and flat base of this classic crystal brandy glass is perfect for swirling your brandy and warming it in your hands to release the bouquet. It's a brandy glass that really enlivens the aromas of all kinds of brilliant brandy, such as fine old Cognac, Armagnac, Marc de Bourgogne and Calvados. It will also bring out the best in a fine malt whisky.

So how much brandy should you pour into the glass? Tradition states that the measure of brandy should be judged by pouring the spirit while the brandy glass is on its side. When the liquid reaches the rim, the measure is deemed sufficiently generous. With the size of this brandy glass, you may want to pour a little less.

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Benefits of Each Wine Master Glass in the Range & Why Decant ?

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