Raise a glass to International Beer Day 

AUGUST 3rd 2018

Every day we celebrate the craft of glassblowing but on August 3rd 2018 it is International Beer Day and we are turning our attention to the talented craft of combining barley, hops and sugar to create delicious beers. 

Not only does that first sip set your taste buds tingling but beer brings people together, not just now but right back to when the ancient Egyptians used papyrus scrolls to record the brewing process. 

The question is, what sort of beer drinker are you? We have taken a look at the different beverages within the beer category and matched them with the perfect glass – all of which are 20% off for the whole of International Beer day, 3rd August. 


Ales vs Lagers 

 It all comes down to the fermentation process using different yeasts to deliver a variety of flavours, bodies and aromas. 

The temperature plays a big part in this. While ales are fermented at around room temperature over a period of two to four weeks, the fermentation of lager happens at close to freezing. This is a much longer process, often taking months rather than weeks and producing a crisper flavour and a milder style, making it a go-to for a new age of beer drinker over the prominent flavours of an ale. 

Taste your lager in a Bar Excellence Beer Glass but opt for the Real Ale Tankard for your ale. 


IPA vs Pale Ale 

So you know that an ale and lager are different but what is an IPA and a Pale Ale? IPA, India Pale Ales, have a high alcohol content and are known for their herbal, citrus and fruity flavours. While some can taste particularly fragrant, some styles will be strong and bitter. A pale ale bridges the gap between dark stouts and light lagers. With a lower alcohol content, lots of flavours and a medium body, they are usually much easier to drink than other beers. 

Which glass? Perfect for enjoying a pint of your favourite ale, choose the Dimple Crystal Tankard, made right here in Britain. 


Stouts vs Porters 

Although containing mostly the same ingredients, Stouts are often stronger than porters, both in their alcohol content and flavour. This generally makes them more popular with the seasoned stout drinker. Their similar dark appearance comes from blackened-roasted grains or chocolate but in flavour, porters usually taste less like coffee than stouts. 

Which glass? Shaped for flavour, the Perfect Beer Glass Pair is a great option for enhancing the drinking experience. 

So, let us raise our glasses to the brewers and bartenders and celebrate beer! You can save 20% on selected tankards and beer glasses from our website, ideal for a tipple of your own or as the perfect gift.