English Wine Week celebrates and promotes the very best of English wine and is the perfect opportunity to sample new wines made closer to home. As a company that prides itself on our handmade crystal, we enjoy any opportunity to support English wine makers and the exciting growth of vineyards across the country. To celebrate this year, we’ve put together an easy to follow tasting and glassware guide so that you can experience the true flavour of your wine of choice.

English Sparkling Wine

Did you know that Kent, Surrey and Sussex have the same limestone chalk soil as Champagne, France? With these growing conditions and the now warmer UK climate, it’s no wonder that English Sparkling Wine has grown in popularity over the years, with a wide selection of quality Sparkling Wines available from estates such as Nyetimber and Chapel Down.

For the best English Sparkling Wine experience, pair with a classic Champagne flute such as the Wine Master Flute. The tall narrow shape of the glass will help to preserve the bubbles and enhance the taste and aroma.

English Red Wine

Making the most of grapes that mature in cooler temperatures, English Red Wines are set to follow their sparkling counterparts in both popularity and taste with a lighter body and fruity flavour. Popular choices are available from vineyards such as Whitehall, Simpsons and the Devon based Lyme Bay.

To get the most out of your glass of red wine you will want to opt for a larger bowl size such as the Wine Master Bordeaux which will allow the wine to breath and release its more complex flavours.

English White Wine

English White Wine offers a wonderfully fresh, light and predominantly medium dry taste due to a cooler climate which means that the grapes do not over-ripen. English White Wine is still relatively new, and we can expect to see some exciting new offerings over the coming years from the likes of Chapel Down, Bolney, Hattingley and many more!

With the lighter and more delicate aromas of white wines it is usually best to pair with a slightly smaller glass such as the Wine Master White Wine Glass.

We hope this guide has piqued your curiosity for sampling some new English wines this month, there is now so much to choose from we would certainly recommend booking a visit to your nearest vineyard. If you’d like to know more about our glassware you can explore our full range of wine and Champagne glasses online and share your favourites with us using #mydartington.