Dartington Crystal: How to Create Your Own Home Bar

Home bars are the latest in new trends for 2021. With the pubs and bars off limits for a while longer, now is a great time to curate a functional home setup for cocktail hour or to relax with your favourite pint. Creating a home bar not only saves you money in the long term but it also gives you the perfect entertainment space for when friends and family can visit again. For both new and experienced cocktail makers, your own bar set up can  provide a great source of inspiration to try new cocktail recipes and drinks.

Whatever vibe or style you go for, there is always some essential glassware pieces we recommend you keep on hand (as well as some optional extras). Opting for quality crystal glassware is always recommended and without a doubt provides the best drinking experience for all.

The Essentials:

  • Beer & Cider Glasses: Let’s face it, after a long day or over the weekend all we want is to relax with a nice cool pint of beer or cider.Every home bar should have a selection of beer and cider glasses on hand. We recommend starting with the classic Bar Excellence Beer Glasses and an Exmoor or Dimple Crystal Tankard.
  • Wine Glasses: Another staple for your home bar. It is worth remembering that the characteristics and flavours or red, white and rosé are all very different. It’s key to a good drinking experience to have at least two glasses to hand that tailor to the bold and rich qualities of red (such as the Wine Master Burgundy Red Wine Glasses) and the lighter more delicate notes of white and rosé (such as the Wine Master White Wine Glasses) .
  • Gin Glasses: Gin is very much still in and a quality wine glass is a fantastic addition to any home bar. We recommend a Copa glass such as the Limelight Mitre for infusing flavours, fruits and tonics or a High Ball glass such as the Bar Excellence Gin & Tonic for the classic G&T experience.
  • Spirit Glass: Spirit glasses such as the humble tumbler can be used for a range of spirits and add a beautiful touch of class to any glassware collection. Perfect for a night cap or to treat your friends and family to a tasting experience.
  • Champagne Glasses: Make sure your prepared for any celebration or special occasion by kitting out your bar with a crystal champagne flute such as the Just for Two Flute pair.
  • Martini Glasses: The Martini is a quintessential cocktail and while you may not always have it at the top of your list, the Martini glass should be a key part of your home bar. It brings an eye catching element to your drinks cabinet and is a wonderful addition for special occasions it is also multi-functional and can be used for other classic cocktails.
  • Margarita Glasses: Another favourite of ours is the Margarita glass, this classic Margarita glass is the perfect shape for crafting delicious cocktails and can also double as a dessert glass.


  • Decanters: Storing your drinks can be just as important as serving them and while not essential, a beautifully handcrafted decanter makes a wonderful centrepiece. We have a range of different decanters suitable for a wide variety of tastes meaning there is a decanter out there for every home bar.
  • Ice Cooler: Keep your champagne and wine cool with a stylish, handcrafted ice cooler that allows you to keep your drinks at optimal temperature without have to walk back and forth from the fridge.

Build your bar infographic

We hope you’ve found some Dartington inspiration for your own home bar form this list! Creating something from scratch is always the most exciting part and as always we’d love to see your creations. If you’ve created a home bar recently using your Dartington Crystal glassware then feel free to tag us using #mydartington.