Oh, for the love of gin!

Gin enthusiasts, it’s time to rejoice! Dartington Crystal have the perfect set of glasses to help you enjoy your favourite tipple!

Whether that’s an energising Elderflower Collins, a scrumptious Singapore Sling or perhaps a more classic G&T, it’s time to indulge!

Here at Dartington Crystal we have a huge selection of glasses to suit every possible gin requirement. To help you decide which style to go for we’ve selected some of our favourite pieces…

G&T glasses

A classic G&T belongs in a perfectly shaped wide-bowled glass to tantalise the taste buds. The larger vessel traps the aromas inside the glass providing a more intense flavour to give a greater tasting experience. The larger capacity of this design allows room for more ice, keeping your G&T cool as a cucumber (which also works well as a delicious garnish!). The long stem allows you to support the glass without warming with your hand, and the extra room leaves plenty of space for a garnish of rosemary or a lime wedge if you desire. Some of our finest G&T glasses include the Glitz Gin & Tonic Glass, the Wine & Bar Copa Gin & Tonic glass and if you’d like something special try our Gintuition gift set.

Gintuition/Glitz - Gin & Tonic/Copa – Gin & Tonic


The definitive highball design is ideal for many gin cocktails. So get creative with your mixology skills by adding your favourite fruit juice, a generous helping of ice, some grenadine and a splash of gin for a cocktail that will make you squeal in excitement for summer.

Dimple Gold Highball/Dimple Highball/Exmoor Highball/Bar Excellence Gin & Tonic/Glitz Highball/Wine & Bar Highball

Cocktail glasses

Sometimes, presentation is the key to success. Create an extravagant drinking display with some of our more playful glass designs. Opt for an Origin Coupe glass, Bar Excellence Martini glass, Glitz Saucer or a Wine & Bar Margarita to wow your friends and leave them stumbling home in delight.

Origin Coupe/Bar Excellence Martini/Glitz Saucer/Wine & Bar Margarita