An Iconic Partnership

Dartington Crystal’s partnership with Chivas Regal has continued to improve with age, much like the distinguished blended whiskies that the Scotch brand is renowned for producing.

Setting the international standard in blended whiskies, Chivas Regal has just unveiled The Icon, a blend of some of the oldest, rarest whiskies in Scotland from over 20 distilleries (some of which aren't even in existence any more) in Strathisla, Longmorn and Glen Keith.

Befitting of the luxury liquid within, each bottle of Chivas Regal The Icon costs £2,000 and is presented in a hand-blown crystal decanter created by our expert craftsmen here at Dartington Crystal.

The glass is delicately etched and finished with precision crafted metalwork and presented in green glassware, paying homage to the original green Chivas Regal bottle from 1909. Adorned with a signature luckenbooth stopper, a traditional Celtic symbol of love, the distinctive bottle is certain to be appreciated almost as much as its contents.

Chivas Regal The Icon is not the first partnership between Dartington Crystal and the sought after whiskey label. Dartington has created distinctive bottles for other collections including their limited edition Royal Salute 62-Gun Salute, named after the British tradition of firing 62 cannons at the Tower of London, a custom reserved only for the most special Royal anniversaries.