New Year Cupboard Detox

With January fully in flow, we aren’t looking to do a stereotypical detox. Of course we’re all about dry January (sometimes) and that health kick after all those mince pies at Christmas. But this New Year we’re thinking about a new type of detox… the cupboard detox!

Think of all those glasses at the back of your cupboard that got chipped at Christmas or are part of an odd set now following a few smashes. What about the plate set that a distant family member gave to you a couple of Christmas’ ago that you just don’t use. We’ve all been there!

Whether you give it away to a friend or even donate it to a charitable organisation if it’s not broken, we feel January is a good time to detox items in your home that you don’t want anymore. If the glass is beyond repair you can call your local waste management company to find out where you can take it – we pop ours with our glass recycling.

We’ve come up with our top 3 Dartington homeware items to give you a bit of New Year inspiration.


H20 Carafe & Up – This innovative glass carafe comes with a matching glass tumbler which sits on top of the carafe when not in use, so to keep the contents fresh. Both are handmade / mouth-blown and finished with a hand applied H20 stamp! Perfect for your bedside console or on the kitchen table when you have friends round for a meal or drinks. NB. Matching glasses available here.


Lynton Medium Bowl – A multipurpose bowl handmade in fine crystal, available to be hand engraved. We suggest keeping this filled with all sorts of colourful fruit to keep that healthy January going!


Wibble Large Hurricane - Coming in at no.3, the Wibble large hurricane candle holder, an attractive vessel with grooved edges at the bottom creating a lovely shadow effect. Perfect for those cosy nights at home snuggled in front of a movie whilst the wind is blowing away outside.

All items can be found on our website - Dartington Crystal.