Valentine’s Day

Embrace the fact that Valentine’s Day falls on a weekend this year and plan a romantic evening for two. It doesn’t have to be dinner à deux in a busy restaurant (but a night off from the kids is rather nice!). A candle lit evening at home means you won’t be knocking knees with the couple sat next to you. Soft music, subdued lighting, sumptuous food and of course, some fizz, will set the tone for love without paying the restaurant mark-up!

To help you along the way, we’ve pulled together our top tips for staying in this Valentine’s Day.

If you’re a natural chef and love cooking up a storm in the kitchen then we’re sure you know what you’re doing with a dozen oysters and a shucker. But if you’re more domestically challenged, fear not! This is not an episode of Masterchef. Either stick to what you know, buy in something from one of those glorious supermarkets that do a nice ‘dine in’ deal or order a takeaway. There’s no shame in it. Plus it’ll mean less washing up at the end.

If you have time, planning some music helps set the tone. You may want to pepper your soundtrack for the night with songs that mean something to you as a couple. If that’s too much trouble opt for some Barry White… He didn’t earn the nicknames ‘Dr.Love’, ‘Prince of Pillow Talk’ and ‘Walrus of Love’ for nothing!

Dining the electric lights in favour of some candles makes a more relaxed atmosphere. Mixing our flame candle sticks and candle holders with smaller, twinkling tea light holders will create a beautiful ambiance.

A glass of something bubbly makes even the simplest of suppers feel special, so it’s a must for your night of romance. Serve in flutes to keep warm hands away from the bowl of the glass, ensuring your sparkly stays fresh and flavoursome. Sold as a pair, these Champagne flutes are dishwasher-safe – so no need to mess around with washing up tonight!

The Card
Last but not least, a card is always welcome. Valentine’s Day offers the ideal time to tell your loved one why they are so loved… It’s simple, but a thoughtful word or two makes all the difference.