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Terms & conditions
Dartington Crystal Limited (“Dartington”) are proud to offer a Lifetime Shine Guarantee against permanent clouding and surface corrosion for all our Shine On glass collection (“Guarantee”). Dartington will replace free of charge any Shine On items that exhibit such damage subject to the conditions set out below.

  • Period of cover. The Guarantee is offered from the date of purchase on a product lifetime basis. 
  • Products covered. The Guarantee only covers stemware and tumblers supplied as part of the Dartington Shine On glass collection and does not extend to any other Dartington item. 
  • Details of cover. This Guarantee only covers material and manufacturing defects that result in permanent surface clouding and corrosion from domestic dishwasher cleaning. It does not apply to any type of breakage, accidental damage, normal wear and tear damage, streaks, smears and marking that may occur. The Guarantee does not extend to usage with a non-domestic dishwasher. 
  • Service and use. The Shine On glass collection can be cleaned in a domestic dishwasher in accordance with the guidelines supplied. Failure to operate your dishwasher according to manufacturer’s instructions or to use a good quality detergent could cause damage to your glassware. 
  • Claims. Any pieces of glassware constituting a claim must be returned to Dartington for inspection. Dartington will inspect any items which benefit from this Guarantee and decide in its sole discretion whether or not the defect falls within the scope of the Guarantee and is eligible for replacement. 
  • Dartington reserve the right to conduct reasonable examination of any items returned and where damage is deemed outside the terms of this Guarantee we reserve the right to refuse replacement. 
  • Limitations. In the event that exact replacements are not available, Dartington will supply similar items of equal value and quality. 
  • This Guarantee applies to UK residents only. Nothing in this Guarantee affects your statutory consumer rights.