Sash Ink Blue Collection

This summer we’ve been alfresco dining in style, with a little help from the new Dartington Crystal’s drinkware collection, Sash Ink Blue. Designed by Dartington Crystal’s Head of Design, Hilary Green, this contemporary glassware collection features organic trails of cobalt colour that lend a ‘hand crafted’ quality to each piece. This hand-blown collection consists of four glasses to suit your everyday home and entertaining needs; a goblet, wine glass, flute and tumbler.

The range balances form and function, with Hilary commenting “I love the natural, freehand process involved in wrapping these elegant stems in strands of molten coloured glass. It feels just like drawing and creates textural, striking results that are lovely to look at whilst still being perfectly proportioned to drink form”

At just £30.00 a pair, each glass in the Sash Ink Blue collection is available to purchase here.