The making of Royal Brierley Crystal

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England's oldest and most famous brand, Royal Brierley is the longest established name in English Crystal; founded in 1776 as an independent family business, the heritage of Royal Brierley spans 300 years and 15 generations.

Royal Brierley Crystal was founded in 1776 and is the oldest and the most prestigious name in English cut crystal. It is the only Crystal brand ever to be granted two Royal Warrants. The first Warrant was bestowed by King George V in 1919 and has been renewed by each successive Monarch since. In 1985 the Company was delighted to be granted the Warrant of H R H The Prince of Wales.

The fine tradition for English mouth-blown, hand cut lead crystal continues today, and Royal Brierley now features a selection of contemporary designs as well as more traditional style collections. Royal Brierley Glasses are the perfect compliment to fine dining or entertaining guests and makes the ideal gift for all occasions. Crystal glass is produced from a mixture of silver sand, red lead, potash and cullett, which is heated to 1350 degrees centigrade for 24 hours and allowed to cool to 1125 degrees centigrade. Once it has reached this temperature it is mouth blown, molded and shaped before transferring it to a controlled oven. The edge of each piece is then smoothed, bevelled and polished and the decoration of the cut can start.

Lady Diana visiting Royal Brierley Crystal