Mocktail January – All the fun without the booze!

For those of you doing dry January, you’re half way through! Not long to go! We’re here to make your last two weeks more bearable with our favourite non-alcoholic cocktail recipes.

Moscow Mule
If you love ginger beer, look no further than this fiery treat!
½ cup ginger beer
A good slug of soda water
2-3 tbsp of fresh lime juice
Mix the above ingredients into a glass, half full of crushed ice.
Stir together and add a lime wedge for decoration.
The glass: Exmoor Highball Glasses

The Mock-Jito
A refreshing and thirst-quenching drink to soothe the soul!
1 x glass full of crushed ice
1 x half a glass of lemonade
1 x quarter glass of apple juice
6 x sprigs of mint
1 x tsp brown sugar
1 x lime
Mash 3 sprigs of mint with the brown sugar.
Add a bit of apple juice whilst you mash, then add the rest of the apple juice, the lemonade, 4 sprigs of mint and half the juice of a lime.
Add 2 lime wedges to serve.
The glass: Circle Highball Glass

We had to add a chocolatey option to keep you toasty this winter!
1 x bar plain chocolate
25ml single cream
100ml milk
3 x springs of mint
Gently heat the chocolate in a pan with the milk until it’s melted. Continue heating until the milk is steaming and remove from heat and stir in the cream. Add the sprigs of mint and serve this warm chocolatey goodness.
NB. If you are still feeling festive, you may have left over peppermint candy canes which you can stir your hot chocolate with to give it a nice minty flavour.
The glass: Maltings Tankard