Spring is Here!

Spring is officially here and smoky glass and moody indigo are the two interior trends that need presence in our homes this season. Luckily we’ve got you covered with our latest vase collection, Gourds.

The nine piece collection, created by our Head Designer, Hilary Green, features a moody colour palette that includes Clear, Midnight and Ink Blue. Each colour looks striking alone or paired with bright and bold home accessories.

When Hilary began designing the Gourd collection, she was inspired by the various shapes of its namesake. In addition to drawing inspiration from the unique silhouettes of the Chinese bottle, African wine kettle and African zulu gourds, the crystal collection was influenced by the beautiful Turkish lanterns that shine from the stalls of Istanbul’s Grand Bazaar.

Blown from crystal, each vase is available in three sizes, small (200mm), medium (250mm) and large (300mm). Get them here » ... your home will thank you for it!