Engraving message ideas

Need a little inspiration?

Previous website visitors have made some great suggestions of memorable, heartfelt and humorous special messages that could be engraved on Dartington Crystal items of your choice.

In no particular order:

My only regret in life is I didn't drink enough Champagne

Families like Crystal linger forever in the heart

A little good wine makes the world a nicer place

Warming you always and forever

If only I could turn water into wine!

The truth will out

_____Fill to line_____

I don't drink much now. I spill most of it !

Glass half full? Who's going shopping?!

Read and digest the contents!

If it's Friday it must be champagne

don't whine; drink wine

I will pledge with mine

Bad Medicine Good Poison

Do not allow to dry out

Oh, Go on then!

Drink every Drop

No need to grumble and whine, just be happy and drink wine.

It must be wine o clock now!

It must be 6pm somewhere in the world...

If you can read this, you need more.

Here's to good wine and bad women

Clearly I haven't had enough!

Remember, the best of times is now

Life is too short to drink poor wine

Love is like good wine, growing stronger as it grows older

Compromises are for relationships, not wine

Heaven is all around you if you bother to look

For medicinal purposes only

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