Dishwashing Tips For Best Results.

  • Load and sort dishes according to your machine manufacturer instructions, allowing water to circulate and run off surfaces.
  • Generally, place and less-soiled items on the top rack with larger, heavily soiled items in the lower basket.
  • Use 50ºC, ECO or AUTO programme or the special Glass cycle if your machine has one.
  • In hard water areas, the addition of salt is essential to aid cleaning and prevent cloudy limescale deposits on glasses and damage to your machine.
  • If your glassware displays clouding and it can be removed by vinegar it indicates limescale deposits as the cause.
  • Use Finish Rinse Aid to prevent drop marks, boost dryingresults and deliver a dazzling shine.
  • If your cleaned glasses display blueish streaks and smears or unexpected bubbles appear in drinks try reducing your machine's rinse aid setting.
  • Dartington recommends the use of Finish dishwashing products.