Drinkware Collections

Crystal and Glass Wine Glasses, Barware, Decanters, Tumblers & Jugs.

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Whatever the drink or occasion – make it special with a crystal drinking vessel handmade in Devon. Our favourite crystal and glass drink collections are:


Wine Master:  You don't have to be a wine expert to taste the difference that using WineMaster can make. Each glass is carefully shaped and balanced to complement the characteristics of your chosen wine.

Wine Debut: High performance lead free crystal. Lasting sparkle and good looks that deliver a great tasting experience.

Glitz - A dazzling combination of stylish design with real CRYSTALLIZED™ - Swarovski Elements provides that extra sparkle for that extra special celebration.

It's no secret that whisky requires a proper whisky glass  to be fully appreciated. Our Dimple and Exmoor whisky tumbler crystal collections were some of our very first back in the late 1960's and still our most popular.

Barware Crystal and Glass Collections of Bar Excellence  and Bar Essentials  glasses give an all round quality feel that complements all of our Wine Glass collections.

Our champagne flutes,  come in many different forms from the most elegant and long Sharon flutes  to our fancy Fabulous Flutes  by Laurence Llewellyn Bowen. With crystal champagne flutes for special celebrations and toughened lead free crystal for everyday use. Don't let your life regret be to not drink enough champagne.