Autumn Interior Quick Fixes

As the autumnal weather sets in, leaves start to fall, you feel that satisfying crunch beneath your feet and the air becomes crisp. As nature turns our countryside the lovely hues of orange and green, why not be inspired by the seasonal palette and bring shades of amber, cinnamon and moss in to your living space.

Our Flower Bottle range is the perfect solution. It comes in a variety of different sizes, shapes and colours and can be used for a multitude of displays – without or without blooms. This handmade collection features a beautiful hand-applied flower motif giving it unique character - no one piece is the same. Try grouping them with our Flower Jars and Flower Pots to tell a colour story or use different sizes to create an architectural statement.

The Dartington Flower Bottles Flower Bottles start from £26 and can be found our website.